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newimageAbout Dr Chuck

The first thing you notice when you meet Dr Fredricks is that he is big. He is big enough to and has successfully treated NFL lineman yet many times he's been referred to as the "gentle giant" by many of his elderly patients.

When he's not helping patients, Dr Fredricks is learning how to better help his patients, staying physically active and learning new skills. He enjoys working with his hands, walking his dogs, fishing, preparing for triathlons with his wife Angie, strength training, building and working on bicycles. He is also a volunteer trail builder so that more people can get outside and enjoy nature. Dr Fredricks also enjoys helping fellow athletes. He is a volunteer ART provider at sporting events like local triathlons, running and cycling events.

Dr Fredricks is an ultra runner, triathlete and mountain biker on the Boulevard Cycling team too. He has the experience of successfully completing and sometimes even placing in over 40 events over the past 10 years. He understands the wants and needs of endurance athletes. This is what distinguishes him from the majority of other chiropractors and soft tissue care providers.

Dr Fredricks completed events include:

  • 3 time Psycho Wyco 50km trail ultra marathon
  • finisher 2 time Ironman 70.3 finisher (Boulder 2015, Vineman 2016)
  • 7 time Xterra off road triathlon finisher
  • Dozens of half marathons
  • Multiple multi hour mountain bike races
  • Multiple sprint and Olympic triathlons
  • 3 time Dirty Kanza half pint finisher

Dr Fredricks graduated from Graceland College in Lamoni, Iowa while earning a degree in Biology. During that time he was also a coach for the women's volleyball program, an all American athlete in the men's volleyball program and the assistant coach for the men's national championship team in 1998. Because of the stubborn, chronic injuries he sustained while competing and training he decided to enroll at Cleveland chiropractic college to heal his own injuries and help others successfully avoid and or recover from their injuries. It was there that he pursued interest in anatomy, rehabilitation, exercise and nutrition.

Upon graduating he took a priceless internship working for Dr's Deed and Shirlene Harrison in Elko, Nevada. It was here that he earned basic and advanced certifications while getting real world hands on training in the structural rehabilitation of the spine and posture.


What Chuck's Patients are Saying

Stronger Healthier Body

Dr. Chuck guided me during my healing process with his medical and body wellness expertise. From an injury to stronger healthier body, his compassion made the difference. His commitment to his patients and field of study is what makes him a doctor whom I can trust! -JF



focusedWow – what can I say, but that's how I feel now. I've been an "athlete" or one who has pursued athletic endeavors my entire life. With all the abuse I put my body through over the years I began to pay for it about 10 years ago. I was an avid runner and had to give that up for power walking – a tough change for a competitive person. I gave it up because my knees and hips began to ache and stiffen up after a vigorous run or simple house cleaning tasks, for the rest of the day and often beyond. I worked on all the remedies I knew how to do – massages, stretching, strengthening, medication, etc. I was whining to my sister one day when she suggested that I go to see Dr. Charles. The initial visit involved having a "body" x-ray taken on which Dr. Charles marked spinal deviations (from the "normal" skeletal curvature). It was determined that I had a tilted pelvic girdle. My cervical spine also leaned in the wrong direction – most likely due to years of compensating for the pelvic tilt. It only took a few treatments in which Dr. Charles worked his magic and I was feeling better than I had for years. In fact, I had forgotten how it felt to be pain free. Then with pursuing treatments I walked taller and lighter each day. I felt like I was walking on clouds. My painful hip is no longer an issue thanks to Dr. Charles - with the knowledge and individuality he brings when dealing with each patient – and his magic fingers.


"Kept me playing"

"I have been a patient of Dr. Fredricks for about 5 years now. If it weren't for his physical therapy, adjustments and advice I probably wouldn't have been able to play high school sports my sophomore, junior and senior years. Since then he has been helping me improving my posture as well as showing me exercises to strengthen my back and neck"


Able to play with grandchildren now

volunteer"I was skeptical, but what did I have to lose! After many months of low back and hip pain I was willing to try anything. It had gotten so bad that sitting was painful; I had trouble sleeping because I couldn't get comfortable and walking was getting increasingly more difficult. With two new grandsons, I was terrified that I wouldn't be able to get down on the floor and play with them. Dr. Chuck did a thorough examination, evaluated my X-rays and prescribed an exercise and traction regimen that has literally changed my life. I'm more flexible, have only flashes of pain and have learned how to sit, stand and walk to avoid and eliminate the excruciating pain I was living with. And yes, I play on the floor with my grandsons with no problems. Dr. Chuck's work with me has changed my life from that of a woman in constant pain to one who is back to enjoying a very active life. Thanks Dr. Chuck!"

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